Reviews – The Språng Chair

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"The Sprang chair is a comfy, wobbly joy to sit on! "

I never get a numb bum sitting on it! My favorite thing is it's movement when I sit down.

- Claire, UK

" It's comfortable, fun and healthy."

I love my chair and use it at my computer everyday. It give my lower back excellent movement in little ways. I'm not even thinking about when I'm sitting for hours. There's an added bonus of bouncing when listening to music!

- Amy M, College Instructor

" I can wiggle! "

I really like the freedom to move and not feeling so trapped behind my keyboard all day long! Assembly was challenging. But chair was awesome!

- Bethany H, Office Worker 

" Strong and healthier back overall "

Ever since I got one I do most of my sitting and rocking around on my Sprang. I love that I can stay in motion when I'm pinned down by my computer. And it still makes me smile every time I see it, the design is so witty. I would recommend it to anyone who sits.

- Dr. Michael N.

" I love the chair"

The padded seat platform is a real difference maker in my opinion. With a normal exercise ball chair, I felt as if I always sat a bit weird and it was slightly uncomfortable but with the platform seat, I feel that the ball reacts much better to movement and engages my core much more effectively and provides a much more comfortable seat.

- Brock G.

I love that it's a flexible chair. You can dial down or loosen up the tension so that it moves as much as you want.

- Kelly H.

I love this chair. I have better posture and feel like my core has gotten stronger. It is also fun!

- Anne C.

" This is an EXCELLENT work-at-your desk chair when you are focusing on the screen or documents. "

I never get tired or restless using it. The seat is comfortable; I don't squirm around. However, if I were still in a management position with people dropping in to talk, I'd have to have a second chair in the office... you can't lean back or snuggle in while deep in thought or conversation. In other words, as advertised, it's an active-engagement chair. I like it a lot!

- Sheila M.

I love it. It's comfortable and keeps me moving. My core strength and balance have improved. My only drawback is that my stomach is getting bigger because I'm building up muscle more quickly than I'm losing fat. 

- Roshaunda C.


"I have retired after 20 plus years in the Marine Corps and this chair has been incredible in my post career recuperation (w/out going to the physical therapist!) after years of running around the Middle East with 100 plus pound pack and having over 100 airborne jumps……

...after a couple months,  my back + core strength have definitely increased and my normal posture has considerably improved.  I’ve helped fund several Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects and by far this has been my favorite (on time as promised) project I have ever sponsored!

Thank you again and Semper Fi! 

- Jack


"LOVE MY CHAIR!!!! It seriously is the most comfortable chair I've ever owned!!"

 The Sprang Chair is designed to encourage active sitting, which is believed to be the key to staying healthy while sitting for long periods of time.

Meet the Sprang Chair: a cool tool that encourages movement, stimulates better circulation, and improves your posture.

The Sprang Chair .... it’s a masterpiece of a creation!


The Sprang Chair Promotes Dynamic Sitting For Better Health