4 Week Better Back Active Sitting Plan – The Språng Chair

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4 Week Better Back Active Sitting Plan

Our "happy back" or money back guarantee: it takes up to 4 weeks for your body to adapt to active sitting on the Språng Chair. We want to work with you over those 4 weeks to make sure your chair is set up properly. 

Week 1 check-in: we'll confirm that the chair arrived, you don't have any set up questions, the ball and bungees are installed with the appropriate tension. Progress from 1 hour a day up to 4 hours a day by the end of the week to avoid soreness. 

  • Health check: if you have an underlying injury, speak with your doctor and proceed with caution and with their approval. 
  • Wrist check: make sure you're supporting your body with your legs and spine, not your wrists. Keyboarding in a neutral or even negative angle, will help keep pressure off your wrists. 
  • Neck check: because you're no longer slouching, your computer monitor may be too low. Check our user guide for the best way to set up your work station. 

Week 2 check-in: How are you feeling? Week 2 might be the week from hell. Moving your spine may "wake up" old injuries. 

  • Pain check: you know your body. If it feels like an old injury waking up, pay attention to it. If you do yoga or meditation, breathe into it with your eyes closed. If you do neuroscience, is this sensitization from an old injury that your body learned to avoid by not moving in certain ways? Give the pain a day or two to see if it leaves on its own. 
  • Pain check part 2: if you have new pain, or the old pain is getting worse, let's work together to make sure the chair and workstation are set up properly. 

Week 3 check-in: Don't overdo it!

  • You're using all of the muscles in your back, your butt, your legs, in new ways. Take breaks. Drink water. You're basically retraining your body to support itself while you sit, and that's work. Stretch!

Week 4 check-in: Sitting pretty? Or feeling Sh#tty? Take a physical inventory of how you feel. 

  • Newfound strength and mobility? Great! But don't overdo things like lifting a refrigerator by yourself.
  • Hip pain? Check that your hips are higher than your knees. 
  • Neck or shoulder pain? Check that monitor height. 

If things don't seem right, reach out and we'll do our best to help you troubleshoot if the chair and your workstation are set up properly. If we can't solve the challenges and it's within 60 days from purchase, or 45 days from receiving your chair, box the chair up and send it back to us. We'll inspect it to make sure we can resell it. If we need to recondition it we might charge a reasonable restocking / reconditioning fee.