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Great article by a Språng Chair user!

Elf Review"The SprångChair pretty elegantly follows the simple design of the human body. It, too, is complex in its creation, but there isn't anything there that's not necessary. It allows for constant motion while sitting, and enough adjustments to address any particular need on any given day. There is even a setting on the back-rest that almost acts as a massage! Take that yoga ball!" 

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Active Sitting on the Språng Chair Helps Retired Marine Heal Back and Get Off of Pain Meds

"After two decades of chronic back and neck pain from my USMC service, literally after three months, I am off pain medication because this chair forced me to sit properly and and now I can say I'm about 80% back to my old self."




 The Sprang Chair is designed to encourage active sitting, which is believed to be the key to staying healthy while sitting for long periods of time.

Meet the Sprang Chair: a cool tool that encourages movement, stimulates better circulation, and improves your posture.

The Sprang Chair .... it’s a masterpiece of a creation!


The Sprang Chair Promotes Dynamic Sitting For Better Health