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Chronic back pain had me feeling decades older than I was. 

It was almost two years ago that I switched out my expensive 'ergonomic' mesh office chair for the original Språng prototype. In that time I’ve been thrilled to discover: 

  • My back is more stable -- it doesn’t lock up, spasm, or go out anymore. 
  • That stiffness after sitting for long stretches? GONE! In fact, after a few hours of sitting, when I stand up I feel energized. 
  • I regained strength & flexibility – I don’t have to “brace myself” before bending or lifting something (or even before sneezing!) 
  • I’m more aware of my posture – even when sitting in other, static chairs, I don't slouch. 
  • I'VE LOST W·E·I·G·H·T!  (While I don’t have the scientific proof that the chair is the sole cause, I stopped using the Språng Chair for 3 months while it was disassembled for further prototyping – and gained 5 lbs back in that short time. (The good news – I’ve lost 11lbs since I was able to start using it again. The bad news – 3 months without Språng-ing caused my back to go out again).

When I have the freedom to move, I  feel joyful and alive.

Moving keeps our blood circulating, our muscles working,  and our joints loose and flexible. Moving improves your mood, and your focus.

When we’re in motion, we just feel good.

But the sad truth is, most of us are stuck in chairs that keep us from moving. How many hours a week do you sit? 50? 60?   Let's face it, sitting that long doesn't feel good. It hurts your back, crushes your mood, and shortens your life.

I got sick and tired of how my chair was hurting my back. Seizing, spasming, locking up; and of all those trips to the chiropractor, only to be told, the problem's not in your back, the problem's that when you sit all day.

So I tried to find a chair that let's me move more freely, but it didn't exist.  So I decided to create one.  After four years of research, prototyping, and a year sitting in the chair myself, I’m excited to introduce the Språng Chair.

The Språng Chair is supportive, comfortable, and adapts to you as you change your position.

Your devices all work on a mobile operating platform. Isn't it time you did, too?

The Sprang chair improves on even the best ergonomic office chair, because it frees your spine from being stuck in the same position all day. The seat moves with you, adjusts to you as you shift your weight from side to side. Change your center of gravity and the seat tilts, opening up your hips to the ideal sitting angle, naturally encouraging good posture.

The contoured seat distributes your weight comfortably, unlike sitting on an exercise ball. And because the seat is tensioned onto the ball by bungee cords,  you never feel like you're going to fall off the ball. On the contrary, the bungees give you active resistance, encouraging you to move as you sit, offering active tension to push and flex your muscles against, stimulating blood flow.

The back is fully articulated. So you get lumbar support when you need it, where you need it. And instead of being static, the back cushion foam acts like a spring, encouraging you to keep moving. Push against it and you give yourself a back massage.

It's so well balanced you can even lift your feet up off the floor and do little crunches while you work.  How's that for work life balance!

I've been sitting in my Språng Chair for the past year. My back feels great, and I've lost weight too!

Working with craftspeople in Vermont and New Hampshire, all  Språng Chairs are completely manufactured in New England, one at a time. 

The Språng Chair is sturdy but elegant, perfect for your home or office, for yourself or even for your kids. Choose from a range of colors from contemporary to classic.

It's time to free your spine! It's time to start a movement!

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