How Is Your Back?

If you sit for a living, chances are that it’s not great. Even if your back’s fine, all that sitting takes its toll in ways that even exercise won’t reverse. 

If you’re stuck in a chair without movement, the first thing a health professional will likely say is that, the problem isn't your back, the problem’s that you sit all day. 

Without movement, your back and core muscles become weak, your metabolism slows down, you lose energy and the ability to focus. Who wants that? 

Fix My Back

"...two decades of chronic back and neck pain from my USMC service, & after three months, I'm off pain medication because the språng chair taught me  how to sit and maintain proper posture.  Compared to sitting on an exercise ball, this product IS a chair. "

Jack K.

The Språng Chair Benefits

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The Solution Is Active Sitting

Exercise balls are awkward and bulky. And those 'exercise ball in a metal frame' chairs - that removes the one great feature of sitting on a ball - movement!

High end 'ergonomic' chairs, sit-stand and treadmill desks cost well over $1000 and even they don't address all of the needs of active sitting.

The Språng Chair offers the most benefits at a fraction of the cost. 

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Think Gear Not Furniture

Gear is what you use when you're active. Furniture - would you trust your health to your armoire? And like gear - the Språng Chair is infinitely adjustable.

- Tighten the bungees by pulling them through the patent pending locking tubes for a stiffer ride.

- Open the quick release levers to swing the back out of the way, or to get it exactly where you need support.

- Inflate the ball for a higher seat, or even slide the ball forward or backward under the seat, to change the pitch and center of gravity.

- Active sitting means active comfort -- the more you move, the less pressure, discomfort and fatigue you'll feel.

Like gear, the Språng chair is interACTIVE too. As you develop strength and flexibility and become more aware of your body's biomechanics, the more ways you'll discover to sit.


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