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Why Active Sitting is Healthy Sitting?

Don't just sit, practice active sitting! With people spending most on the time on their chairs – be it in the office, home, or coffee houses, inactive sitting has now become the new smoking whereas, active sitting helps in improving overall health.

Most people work in office settings that require prolonged sitting, which makes it important to incorporate active sitting furniture so that they don’t harm their health over time. Many researches have also proven that static sitting can lead to many health problems, such as pinched nerves, poor blood circulation, spinal deformities, and weak postural muscles, etc. The human body is designed to stay active but our modern lifestyle doesn’t go with it. Static sitting keeps your body motionless which is why your body starts hurting after sitting for too long.

To counter this problem, we all need to engage in a smarter & healthier way to sit. And, that where “Active Sitting” comes into the picture. By incorporating active sitting, you can keep your body’s muscle group active & reduce all the risk associated with static sitting.

What is active sitting?

Well, before discussing why active sitting is considered as healthy sitting, it is important to thoroughly understand the notion of active sitting.

As the name suggests, Active sitting allows the body to remain in motion while seated. It is also known as dynamic sitting as it supports our body’s need for movement. Unlike traditional sitting options that lock our body in just one position, the active sitting encourages minor movements to keep your muscle group active.

Active sitting is designed in a way to add movement & engage the muscles in your back & leg. With most people involved in desk jobs, the concept of active sitting is gaining recognition day by day. Sitting on an active chair can really make a difference as it helps the body to be in its natural state. With active sitting, you can combat your long working day without deteriorating your health. A sedentary lifestyle can slow down your body over time and can also result in many health issues.  With a traditional chair, you can’t move your body much so switching to the active sitting option is a wise decision that can keep your body in a fit and free of health issues.

Why active sitting is essential?

To cope up with today’s modern lifestyle, active/dynamic sitting options are no longer just an option mainly because active sitting promotes our body’s need for movements. When we sit for prolonged hours without taking any break then our body becomes stiff & starts losing its strength contributing to various musculoskeletal issues. Even if you exercise regularly, still you can’t completely make up for the damage you are done to the body by static sitting for prolonged hours.

The best way to keep your body healthy even while sitting is by adding movement which is possible through active sitting. By using active sitting options, you can engage all your muscles keeping them active & strong.

Why active sitting is healthy sitting?

Active sitting, undoubtedly, promotes a smarter & healthier way to sit. It helps in promoting movement in the body & also improves posture, circulation, and flow. Let’s look at some of the benefits associated with active sitting.

#1. Improves core strength

So the first advantage of using active sitting is that it can help in improving your core strength. When you sit for long hours in a static position then you start losing your core strength. Chairs with active sitting options help to keep your core well-engaged even when you are seated for hours. In a traditional chair, you can only engage your core when you sit up straight without taking any back support which is not possible when you are working for long hours.

#2. Improves posture

The next benefit associated with active sitting is that it helps in improving postures. Poor postures not only ruin the body shape but also put more stress on the back & core muscles. Many people slouch forward while working at the desk which is why they experience severe neck & back pain after the end of the day. Bad posture can even make your body get fatigued quickly. By using active sitting, you can easily maintain a good posture & can keep your body in better form.

#3. Improves blood circulation

Active sitting can also help in improving blood circulation in your body. It promotes movement in the body which forces the blood flow circulation throughout the body. When we sit for too long in a motionless position then the blood doesn’t flow properly, resulting in poor circulation. Poor blood circulation can result in causing cardiovascular diseases that’s why is it suggested to use active chairs for prolonged sitting.

#4. Burn calories

Well, you may not burn as much calories as you burn after a workout, however, you can definitely burn a few calories by using an active chair. Burning even a few calories can also indicate your body that your metabolism is working, which eventually will help in improving your energy level.

#5. Encourages movement

Active sitting is known as healthy sitting mainly because it encourages movement in the body. Our body requires some movement here and there to stay balanced throughout the day. With active chairs, you can adjust the height of sitting and stretch your back & legs, etc. which helps in rejuvenating both your mind & body.

Best active sitting options

Are you looking for good active sitting furniture that can provide all these benefits to you?

Both Sprang stool 2.0 and Sprang chair 2.0 can facilitate movement from front to back and side to side which helps in keeping your body well-balanced & comfortable all day long. By using these active sitting options in your workspace, you can keep your body engaged & your mind concentrated.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that, by incorporating active sitting in your seating arrangements, you can bring a big difference in your health because active sitting is a healthy sitting.